The Secret of Chimpanzee Painting

Back in the early 70s there was a chimpanzee, Pablo the Chimp, who won 2nd prize in a California art show, under a pseudonym.  When this came to light Pablo’s trainer was asked how the chimpanzee was, as an artist.  The reporters ganged around, raised a skeptical eyebrow or three, and asked “Just how good is Pablo, qua artiste?”

This was before the Internet, back when if you wanted to send a message to a nearby island you had to get out your hammer and chisel, so I wasn’t able to find an exact record of the trainer’s response.  But as I remember it, his response was along the lines of:
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Quantum time – Overview

In relativity time and space are treated symmetrically but in quantum mechanics the treatment of time is very different:  in quantum mechanics time enters as a parameter, not an observable.

In my dissertation, I bridge this gap from the quantum mechanics side by quantizing time using the same rules as for space and then seeing what happens.
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Greetings and felicitations!

I’ve set this blog up to explore the intersection between time and quantum mechanics.  Both subjects are interesting in their own right, the intersection rich with possibility. No shortage of topics!


John Ashmead

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